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*All personal leasing offers are subject
to obtaining credit as part of
your application.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Val - Vehicle Leasing FAQs

Commonly asked questions can be seen below, if you have any other questions, please call us.

Question :
 Are the prices shown on your website exactly what I will pay? Do I have to add any further costs ? 

All the prices you see on our website are 'fully inclusive'. Therefore, this is the amount that will be taken from your account each month by direct debit. If you require more mileage allowance than 10,000 per annum, you will have to pay a higher monthly amount. Please use the 'Request Quote' button on the vehicle required.

Question : What do you mean when you say No deposit?  

Exactly that! Our no deposit personal leasing allows you to take a brand new vehicle without having to pay an up front initial payment, which can often be around £1000.00. 

Question : I believe that my credit rating is poor as I have had difficulty obtaining finance in the past. Will this effect my chances of being able to lease a new car? 

In order to lease a new car, you do need to have a good credit history. If you have missed credit card or mortgage payments in the last 6 months, it is very unlikely that you will pass our credit check.  You can use our online credit application which costs you nothing and you will often get a credit decision back within the same day. If you are declined, I would advise that you request a copy of your personal credit report with experian, as this may give you a clearer understanding of your current credit status.

Question : If I have poor credit, can I lease the car in somebody else’s name - ie friend or family member?

This is not a facility that we offer or recommend (excluding a legal marital partner). The lease agreement should be in the name of the main driver  who is also insured to drive the vehicle. The monthly payments should also come out of the applicants bank account. 

Question : Can I put a private number plate on my new lease car? 

Yes you can! In most cases, we can arrange for your car to be registered using your cherished number plate. It is worth noting that there is normally a small admin fee charged by the finance company to remove the cherished plate at the end of the contract.

Question : Your website says that there is no deposit, so why do I have to pay a £100.00 when placing an order?

The £100.00 is purely a holding deposit and is refunded back to you once your new vehicle has been delivered. This payment acts as your commitment to the order. In the unfortunate event that you cancel the order, the £100.00 is not refunded. and goes some way to covering our costs incurred. In some cases we may have a taken a vehicle off sale that we could have sold to somebody else. If your reason for cancelling an order is due to an error on our part or the expected delivery time has signifcantly increased, we will happily refund the holding deposit.

Question : When my car requires a service, do I have to take it to main dealer? 

It is important to keep your car regularly serviced to ensure that your warranty remains valid. However, service work does not have to be done at a main dealer. You can take your car to a good independent garage, however you must ensure that they use genuine parts and that they stamp your service book.

Question : I am a vehicle leasing broker. Can I propose business to you?

No. We do not write business to customers introduced to us by third parties. We only deal directly with the end user customer.