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Our Location

Whilst most of our business is conducted via internet and phone, customers are always to welcome to visit us.

Our office, Sheridan House, is a Grade II listed building situated within the most commercial and professional sector of Derby City, known as Friar Gate Conservation Area. We overlook the facade of the former 19th century county gaol.

A Bit of History

In 1827, the new County Gaol opened at the end of Vernon Street. The name changed to HM Prison Derby in 1886 and for more than 100 years, was home to generations of thieves, fraudsters and murderers. Crowds flocked from outlying villages; some even came by train to watch the victims being brought from the prison on to the scaffold for their execution. The more notorious the criminal, the bigger the crowd. At first executions took place in the middle of the road at the far end of Friar Gate and then in front of the Old County Gaol. 

In the 18th and 19th centuries, public executions attracted a great deal of attention and came to be regarded by some members of the community as a ‘good day out.’The last public execution took place in 1862. From 1919 to 1929 the prison acted as a military prison.

In 1933, it literally went to the dogs. Derby Greyhound Stadium was opened by the Preston Greyhound Racing Association Ltd, with a track boasting two "very palatial" clubs, one on the grandstand side and one on the popular side. It gave the area a new lease of life and Derby people their first opportunity to enjoy dog racing. And many of them grasped it with both hands.