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*All personal leasing offers are subject
to obtaining credit as part of
your application.

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"Very easy to use website and great selection of cars to choose from. Seems a few pounds cheaper than others i've been looking at!"
D. Armstrong

Why choose Eurolease Direct?

When you deal with Eurolease Direct, you are placing your business with one of the largest independant leasing companies in the UK.

We hope that being part of a well established motor dealership group founded in 1947 will allow you to buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that you will get the car that you have ordered in a reasonable time scale.

All our prices are fully inclusive, ie, the price you see is exactly what will leave your bank account by direct debit each month.

Once you have placed your order, you have our guarantee that the monthly price is fixed and will not change in any way.

We do everything possible to help customers who need a vehicle in a short time scale, and many customers find our discounted pre-contract vehicles are a good option.

Our team of experienced staff will answer any queries you may have before placing an order, and stay with you throughout your leasing experience from start to finish.

We aim to supply you with a personal leasing package that both fits within your monthly budget and gives you enough mileage allowance for your needs.

We are fortunate to receive demonstration vehicles from various manufacturers, and we try to get as many of our staff to drive the vast range of vehicles we offer. Some vehicles leave such an impression that they get featured on our car reviews section of the website.

Although we have many dealerships in the motor group, at Eurolease Direct, we operate as a separate business and have no alligience to any particular motor manufacturer or dealership. We therefore provide you with impartial views and opinions on the vehicles we supply with the sole aim of finding the right vehicle and price to suit you and your requirements.

Please note that we may receive finance commission and other volume related commission subject to us hitting necessary targets with our suppliers.