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*All personal leasing offers are subject
to obtaining credit as part of
your application.

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How Our Personal Leasing Works

Our no deposit personal leasing packages make it easy and affordable to aquire a brand new vehicle.

We also offer the facility to make an initial payment should you wish to reduce the fixed monthly price. This is a one off payment which is non refundable.

We calculate a fixed monthly payment based on the vehicle of your choice, your annual mileage requirements and your required minimum leasing period.

All the prices we quote are fully inclusive, therefore the price you see is the price you pay, with no additional add ons such as documentation or delivery charges. 

Please note that any quotations we provide are only valid for a period of 7 days unless otherwise stated. This allows for any manufacturer price increases that happen from time to time. Once you have placed your order, the monthly price is fixed and will not change.

You are responsible for insuring the vehice at all times.

Your fixed monthly payments are taken by direct debit starting 30 days after delivery

In order to lease a vehicle, you will need to pass a credit check which can be performed online. Once your credit has been approved, we are able to process your order, and other than a small holding deposit of £100 (refunded after delivery), there is nothing else to pay. (Please note that a small number of higher value vehicles may require an increased holding deposit).

Once have placed an order, we will email you out an order confirmation which we ask you to sign and return together with a copy of your driving licence and required proof of ID. Please note that we require you to have a full UK driving licence. 

The delivery time will depend on the vehicle you choose. Some of our special offers are available for a quick delivery, whilst sometimes we have to place a special factory order for your vehicle. Once in stock, we will notify you of the vehicle registration number, allowing you to arrange insurance. We will then arrange delivery to your home or work, at no extra cost.

Although you are leasing the vehicle and not purchasing it, you are still responsible for routine servicing and replacement tyres.

All our cars are brand new and come with 12 months road tax. You will be responsible for the cost of subsequent years road tax at the current rate.

You can take out an optional maintenance package for an additional monthly fee, allowing you to budget with confidence and providing complete fixed cost motoring.

Your vehicle will be brand new, come with full manufacturers warranty, so any issues can be rectified by your local franchise dealership. 

Some of our special offer vehicles may be registered prior to delivery to obtain the required discount to offer the special monthly price. This may result in the vehicle needing an MOT before you are due to return it to us. In these cases, we cover the cost of the MOT.

At the end of the minimum leasing period, you can simply hand the vehicle back to us.

There is no charge for collection and we ask you to complete a short online check list to ensure you have everything required to ensure the hand over is a smooth process.

We also provide you with a copy of our latest fair wear and tear guide to help you ensure any unreasonable damage to your vehicle is repaired to avoid any end of contract damage charges.

You will have nothing more to pay, so long as the vehicle is returned in a fair wear and tear condition and you have not gone over your mileage allowance.

We of course hope that you will want to lease a replacement vehicle, and give us the opportunity to provide a quotation.

You will also have the option to purchase your existing vehicle, or continue leasing it for a longer period.

Please note that if you default on your monthly payments, this will be noted on your credit file and may affect your ability to obtain credit facilities in the future.

In the event that you wish to return the vehicle prior to the minimum leasing period, there will be a termination charge. This has to be calculated as required and can vary between 50% and 100% of the outstanding payments, based on the true depreciation of a particular vehicle. Typically, we find that customers can expect the termination charge to be no more than 50% of outstanding payments, particularly if the minimum lease period is more than 1 year away.